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VUSC CodeInspect is available as a yearly subscription model, making it easier to manage your software budget. As long as your subscription is running, you always get access to the newest release versions of VUSC CodeInspect to profit from the newest developments in Android app and malware analysis.

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Our price list explains the three different product editions from which you can chose: Express, Professional, and Business. Depending on the edition, we offer seat-based or floating licensing. In case you have special requirements, or would like to purchase a large number of licenses, please feel free to contact us. Special discounts for academic institutions available.


With this form, you can request a quote from us for a given number of VUSC CodeInspect licenses. The quote is non-binding - you can still decide whether to accept it or not. If you accept the quote, we will provide you with an invoice and your license data via e-mail.



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