• Basics 1

    This video shows how basic App analysis tasks can be performed with CodeInspect:

    - Importing an app into CodeInspect either from an APK file or from a phone

    - Browsing through the basic files of an app, including the manifest file

    - Using the outline to quickly identify important code or XML elements

    - Navigating through the code: Open declaration, find field reads/writes

    - Renaming code elements

    - Using bookmarks for efficiently pinning interesting code positions

  • Basics 2

    This video shows how CodeInspect's integrated debugger can be used to observe the runtime behavior of an app:

    - Basic debugging, breakpoints, single stepping

    - Runtime value observation

    - Runtime value manipulation

    - Code manipulations

    - Emulator interaction (SMS)

    - Runtime logs and logcat

    - Code search

  • Static Analysis 1

    This video demonstrates a few of the static analysis features of CodeInspect:

    - Permission analysis

    - Sensitive API analysis

    - Reference analysis

  • Release Version 1.1

    This video demonstrates the new features of the CodeInspect 1.1 release version:

    - Obtaining values from code, xml, and native

    - Applying pre-defined and custom filters

    - Investigating remote servers



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