VUSC CodeInspect is a powerful and flexible tool for analyzing Android applications. Work on binary-only apps just as you would on source code, including debugging, refactorings, and code modification. Import arbitrary Android apps into a workspace built on top of the well-known Eclipse IDE, navigate the code in our semantic-rich Jimple intermediate languages, set breakpoints, change the code as you wish, and then run it on a phone or an emulator to inspect the runtime behavior. With VUSC CodeInspect, all these tasks are simple and efficient.

  • General Features

    • Import APK and DEX files from disk or apps from a phone or emulator
    • Merge multiple APK / DEX files into a single project to cope with dynamic code loading
  • Code Exploring

    • Inspect the app's code in a semantically rich, typed language (Jimple)
    • Navigate through the code just as known from Eclipse (go to definition, search, etc.)
    • Display class and call hierarchies
    • Refactor the code during manual de-obfuscation: Rename classes, fields, and methods
  • Code Manipulation

    • Change, add, and remove arbitrary code lines
    • Integrate external Java code into the app (e.g., for additional runtime monitoring)
  • Debugging

    • Run apps in a debugger to inspect the runtime behavior
    • Inspect and manipulate variable values at breakpoints, even for complex objects
    • Automatically step through the code with adjustable speed
    • Works on emulators and real devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Plugins

    • Plugins add additional features such as data flow analysis and visualization or automatic runtime value extraction

We constantly add new features to VUSC CodeInspect and improve existing ones. See our videos for a walkthrough and order your free demo version today! You can also have a look at our product information sheet.


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